China Plastic Injection, Mold & Tooling Fabrication

If there is something where China is remaining competitive and skilled this is on tooling fabrication and plastic injection activity. Since the fabrication of tooling is usually quite labor consumming and require some particular skills, China has remain quite good at doing it combining both competitive cost, high skills and reasonnable quality standad.

One of the main reason why plastic injection and mold manufacturing in China has developped so much is that assembly of product is today mostly made in China and because of this, then plastics part are produced locally. Hence the plastic injection in China has been very widely developped those last decades not by choice but by necessity to supply the assembly lines manufacturing product to server the other parts of the world.

Some industries such as electronic, toys etc… are particularly dependant on plastic, hence plastic injection, mold and tooling can rarely be avoided. In a series of article coming soon on this blog I will discuss how plastic injection, tooling and manufacturing are handled in China, what are the technics and different challenges that people may face when entering into tooling fabrication, what are the does and don’t, what to avoid to do and how to prevent issues when working with a tool maker in China and a plastic injector in Shenzhen.


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