Product Development (Design, Engineering) & Product Certification Correlation

Product Development and Certification

Have you ever dreamt to develop your own product? I am sure you already did. (I used to be one of those kids who wanted to be an inventor)

As I am today involved in product development and manufacturing one very frequent issue I see from some of our customers is design being not adapted to manufacturing or to standard.

Quite often I see some entrepreneurs starting to design product on their own. They design on their side mechanical part and electronic parts and end up with a prototype. Then they turn to is for manufacturing products in China. Before this I usually advice them to make sure their product will be able to pass the standard they need to satisfy the legal compliance of their market. 50 % of the case they just forgot this important point and they end up with a prior type and an engineering who didn’t take in consideration the criteria that make their products being legal compliant. They then need engineer again their product: they waste time, money and energy whereas they could have done it well from the first time.

I have seen so many time people arriving with product they have spent months to design that would never pass CE, FCC or UL.

They have to restart from scratch and they waste even more time than …

The lesson:
Make sure of what you are doing: engineering is good but you have to take in consideration what are the requirement of the legal compliance from the beginning to develop your product in direction of this compliance.

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Christopher Oliva is an Engineer based in Shenzhen since 2008 involved in Product Development, Supply Chain, Sourcing, Quality Management and Manufacturing activities. With a Msc Electrical Engineering and a Business Administration background, an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Certification, a Six Sigma Certification and a Quality Engineering Certification, he works as a consultant on mission and contract oriented to Product Development, Manufacturing Management, Quality Assurance & Quality Management System setup. He works in the product development and engineering field, and as well as an advisor and quality consultant for several quality control and quality assurance companies.

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