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This blog is officially opened today !

It was a long time I wanted to open a blog to talk about my activities in China and Asia.

During those last 7 years I have seen so much about sourcing, procurement, manufacturing, quality control and now even engineering that I wanted to share about it via a quality manufacturing oriented blog.

This blog will be oriented on a wide range of topic. We will not cover only quality topic, or only sourcing but we will talk about the whole process from having an idea of a product to manufacturing till its shipping from China and Asia after the manufacturing being done.

I had chance those last 7 years in China to operate on this large spreaded part of the product life : from the inception till the distribution, trough engineering & product development, sourcing supplier capable to manufacture it, managing production, identifiying and solving quality issue, and even logistics and export procedure.


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Christopher Oliva is an Engineer based in Shenzhen since 2008 involved in Product Development, Supply Chain, Sourcing, Quality Management and Manufacturing activities. With a Msc Electrical Engineering and a Business Administration background, an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Certification, a Six Sigma Certification and a Quality Engineering Certification, he works as a consultant on mission and contract oriented to Product Development, Manufacturing Management, Quality Assurance & Quality Management System setup. He works in the product development and engineering field, and as well as an advisor and quality consultant for several quality control and quality assurance companies.

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