Overseeing Production of Your New Manufactured Product in China [PODCAST]

new product development introduction manufacturing china

Here is the second part of the podcast made by GlobalFromAsia.com 

On this podcast I keep discussing about how to manage product development and manufacturing in China efficiently.

In this episode, we talk about :

# How do you success to perform product development process properly (quickly and with less risk)

# How do you protect IP when manufacturing in China.

# How do you control quality well when manufacturing

# Do you think quality and price are directly related

# What are the typical quality issue you see on mass production

About Christopher Oliva 77 Articles
Christopher Oliva is an Engineer based in Shenzhen since 2008 involved in Product Development, Supply Chain, Sourcing, Quality Management and Manufacturing activities. With a Msc Electrical Engineering and a Business Administration background, an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Certification, a Six Sigma Certification and a Quality Engineering Certification, he works as a consultant on mission and contract oriented to Product Development, Manufacturing Management, Quality Assurance & Quality Management System setup. He works in the product development and engineering field, and as well as an advisor and quality consultant for several quality control and quality assurance companies.

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